Report from the Mission

Within the program "Milk Treasures - mission", financed by the Milk Promotion Fund (Fundusz Promocji Mleka), a group of Polish producers of milk and milk products participated in an economic mission to China.

Polish dairy goods have been available on the Chinese market for a long time, however, the potential of China is still enormous and not fully exploited. The Polish Chamber of Milk has been very active for years in order to promote a strong image of the Polish milk and milk products among Chinese consumers. The mission was another step and an unique opportunity to directly present the offer of Polish producers as well as to make direct contact and new, fruitful business relations.

The mission included three locations considered essential for Chinese business: Beijin, Shanghai and Chengdu. 11 representatives of the Polish dairy industry took part in the mission.

The mission started on November 20th 2018 in Beijin, where the first of series of meetings took place at the Polish Embassy. The B2B meetings with representatives of the Chinese market were preceded by a presentation of the Polish milk sector and the overview of the Polish-Chinese commercial exchange. Nearly 30 companies participated in the meeting, among them firms already importing, as well interested in importing dairy goods from Poland, representatives of supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers and producers of goods based on milk products.

In the afternoon, the participants of the mission visited in Beijin one of the Chinese supermarkets Yi Zhi Yao. The visit was an important point in getting to know the place where the products from Poland could be sold and in understanding how Chinese supermarkets offer and promote goods they sell.

The first day of the mission ended by meeting around dinner representatives of the Chinese Milk Association and Chinese Chamber of Import Agriculture Products, under patronage of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

On November 21st, similar seminar and B2b meetings took place in Shanghai at the Polish Consulate, and on November 22nd in Chengdu, in the conference room of the EU Project Innovation Centre.

The detailed program of the mission is available here.

The program "Milk Treasures - mission", undertaken by the Polish Chamber of Milk, is since 2018 financed by the Milk Promotion Fund. The program is a follow-up of the information and promotion program Trade Milk, financed in 2014-2017 by the European Union, Polish governement and the Milk Promotion Fund.


Od 2018 roku projekt jest finansowany że środków Funduszu Promocji Mleka.