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Spomlek Dairy Cooperative in Radzyń Podlaski is one of the largest cheese-makers in Poland. Spomlek was the first dairy in Poland to offer Radamer, a cheeses with holes, and to start the production of matured cheeses under the brand name of Skarby Serowara (Cheesesmaker’s Treasure). It is also the manufacturer of Serenada, the leading yellow cheese brand in Poland, and one of the largest manufacturers of Salami cheese.

Spomlek Dairy Cooperative is also a manufacturer of such powdered products as: milk, buttermilk, whey and whey protein concentrate. Our powdered products are recognized both by the Polish and the international food industry.

The quality of our products has been confirmed by the numerous awards and medals we receive from many distinguished Polish and international institutions.

Spomlek exports its products to almost all continents.


Od 2018 roku projekt jest finansowany że środków Funduszu Promocji Mleka.